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"What's the craic?"

Visit the Emerald Isle and you may be asked this question. Don't worry — in this context craic (pronounced "crack") is a good thing! "Craic" is simply a term used to describe fun (something the Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant family happens to do quite well). Good pubs are great craic — good times, good music, good food and drink, and good conversation.

You'll find plenty of craic at Sean's — seven days a week. We've got world-class live music, special events and and at times you may find a group of local musicians enjoying a few pints and playing in a session, or seisiún, while enjoying the craic.

We are lucky to have many talented Celtic musicians right here in Oklahoma City. These local groups make up the heart of Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant.

The Flowers of Edinburgh perform traditional Scottish, Irish and original jigs, reels and more, providing table poundin', foot stompin' Celtic music with a kick. The Flowers of Edinburgh features fiddle, guitar, piano, bodhran, harmonica, mandolin and banjo. They provide Celtic music that will have you poundin' the tables and dancing in the aisles.

On The Doss

On The Doss is Irish slang for shirking your duties to goof around. There is always fun to be had when these gents are on stage. Playing traditional Irish pub favorites, you'll hear many patrons singing along with them. It won't be long before you'll be raising a glass and singing along too.

Ravens Three is an acoustic Celtic-Folk trio with a love for good music and good times. By blending varying aspects of the Celtic music tradition, each members’ personal influences, and a generous helping of “Okie Folk Flair”, Ravens Three brings a fresh and entertaining spin to the Celtic sound. Regardless of where the threesome performs, Ravens Three is always determined to laugh, be merry and make sure the audience has a CAW-some time!

Pierce-Hart Celtic Duo is Susan Pierce and Tim Hart playing traditional Celtic tunes incorporating flute, whistles, guitars, and vocal harmonies. They love engaging the audience through laughter, song, and celebration. Children are invited to play along on drums and other rhythmic instruments.

Nothing stirs the emotions like the sound of Bagpipes! Pipes and drums have been present for a wide variety of events for centuries, the haunting beauty and majesty add a distinctive touch to any evening. John and Bryan bring energy to every performance, playing jigs, reels and marches along with slow, contemplative and beautiful  airs. 

Timahoe Tower

A trio composed of Angela Botzer on fiddle, Peggy Hyland on bodhran and vocals, and Brian Hyland on squeezeboxes, whistles, flutes, vocals, and more. Their combined musical experience encompasses venues on the US East Coast, Ireland, and elsewhere. Their music draws inspiration from the unexpected treasures of Ireland, such as the Romanesque tower tucked away in a village in County Laois.

Irish traditional music includes many kinds of songs, including drinking songs, ballads and laments, sung unaccompanied or with accompaniment by a variety of instruments. Jason Hunt is a multi-talented vocalist and musician playing banjo, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and piano. He often invites friends up to play along adding to the fun and he hosts our open mic night Monday's from

The coat of arms of Ireland is blazoned as a harp. These arms have long been Ireland's heraldic emblem. References to them as being the arms of the king of Ireland can be found as early as the 13th century. To say that the harp is steeped in Irish tradition is an understatement. Jessica Tate pulls at the strings of her harp and your heart with the beautiful side of Irish music. She will also show you the fun and feisty side as well. An evening of entertainment you'll not soon forget.


Playing both the guitar and the hammered dulcimer, Dustin Cooper brings a unique experience to his audience. The earliest known Hammered Dulcimer was played in Ireland in Dublin back in 1738, giving it a very long history with Irish music. With most Dulcimers having at least 50 strings, it is an instrument that few learn to master. Dustin's music is an experience not often found that shouldn't be missed.

Angela Botzer

A Washington, DC native has played traditional Irish music on the fiddle in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area since the early 1980’s. She was a member of the DC-based bands Sodabread, and The Hedgrerows, and has played for numerous ceilis and contra dances. Angela has also had performances at the Irish Embassy in Washington, DC. She plays traditional Irish music with a focus on the lovely Co. Clare dance tempos, and with a nod to the Donegal style of fiddle bowing and ornamentation.

Brian Hyland performs pub songs, sea chanteys, traditional Irish dance tunes, and original songs on an array of instruments—Anglo and English concertinas, pennywhistles, flute, piano accordion, button accordions, harmonica, bodhrán, and bones. Brian enjoys interacting with an audience and always asks people to sing along, clap along, and make requests.

A shillelagh (shi-LAY-lee) is a wooden walking stick is recognized (particularly in an Irish-American context) as a symbol of traditional Ireland. Tradition is one thing that Black Oak Shillelagh brings to every evening. Featuring the guitar, tin whistle, violin, and bodhrán.

Taking their name from the traditional Irish Gaelic lullaby, It is pronounced eh-NEE-nee, and it means 'Little Birds.' Éiníní is a musical duo, having decided to combine their efforts and share their love of Celtic music from many points in history, they provide an evening of the minstrel side of Celtic music as professional story tellers, verse-makers and music composers.


Tradition - not just  word, it's a way. Cliff and his guitar bring the traditional ballads and pub songs of Ireland to each performance. 

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