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Customer Reviews

The absolute Best Irish food on the side of the Pond. Great atmosphere giving you the feel that your in a old world Irish pub and the service and food is awesome. You can't go wrong having a pint and some grub. ~ Troy Taylor

British born and raised. My wife found the website last night and within the hour we were sat down ordering our food. Actually had blackcurrant cordial for the on!!
From my wife (and I quote) 'Best meal I've ever had in the city'.
We'll be back....regularly.'ve done an awesome job with this place. ~ Tony Leach

One of our favorite restaurants ! And after having been to Ireland- probably the closest to a real Irish pub in OKC!! Lots of fun and good food!

~Karen Rogers Quinlin


Sean grew up with a father from Galway (a city in the west province of Connacht, Ireland) eating things like Colcannon, a bacon, leek, cabbage and potato mash. You’ll see Irish cuisine like this on the menu at Sean Cumming’s Restaurant and you should try them all. Seriously, you should.

Inside the pub it’s soft with muted lighting, traditional Irish music and Irish memorabilia all over the walls and shelves. 

You get the feeling when you’re at Sean Cummings that everyone is a regular, or family and that’s exactly the thing a good Irish restaurant should be, the same kind of establishment Sean Cummings says you would experience in County Clare (where Sean's mother was from). That means frills are few, but your patronage is far more than a nod to a nameless barkeep surrounded by complete strangers. 

That's because patrons of Sean's eat, drink and make merry as one. The food is inspired by Ireland, the drink is Guinness on draught, and music is the thread that binds the patrons.

Music is every bit as important as the food and drink at the pub because of Sean Cummings' demand for authenticity. "My dad used to carry around his accordion, and when he needed a drink, he'd sing a song," he said.

At Sean Cummings Irish restaurant you'll find the time-honored Irish traditions of hospitality, great food, music, a sense of history and a perfect pint. Sláinte!



Too many places think they can just put some shamrocks on a sign and call it an Irish pub. I remember going to this one "Irish pub" and asked when they play the Irish music. They told me "every now and then we might get someone". Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant is the REAL DEAL. If you want a great atmosphere, great food, great music, and even great service, this is the place to spend your time. ~ David Cannady

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